Scotland can say 'yes' to its independence

Scotland will decide on its independence in referendum to be held in 2014.

Scotland can say 'yes' to its independence

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Scotland can declare its independence on March 2016 if the referendum to be held in 2014 results in "yes".

A report released by the local government in Scotland has stated that if "yes to independence" comes out in the referendum, Scotland will declare its independence in March 2016 and hold its parliamentary elections in May 2016.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is expected to gather with the other political parties in Scotland and discuss the negotiation conditions.

Scotland also needs a written constitution that reflects the values of its people according to the report.

The government in Scotland wants to negotiate about the condition of "yes to independence" votes dominating the referendum, however, British Prime Minister David Cameron refuses to hold talks prior to the actual results.

The British and Scottish governments had decided to ask one question in the referendum with the Edinburgh agreement signed in October last year and everyone older than 16 could vote in Scotland.



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