Slovenia may be part of Turkish Stream gas project

Russian PM hopes Slovenia will participate in Turkish Stream after talks with his Slovenian counterpart

Slovenia may be part of Turkish Stream gas project

World Bulletin / News Desk

After some level of certainty is reached for the project, Slovenia may be taking part in the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, announced Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev after talks with his Slovenian counterpart Miro Cerar.

"We're not standing still. We believe that Slovenia, which has always taken a constructive position on this matter, may be involved in other projects, including the Turkish Stream project, at a time when the final agreement on its implementation is reached,” Medvedev said.

Cerar, in turn, said that nothing is definite yet. "After parameters of the project are clarified, Slovenia will estimate if the country needs to have Russian gas going through its territory."

The pipeline’s key parameters differ from those of the South Stream project, he said.

"During the South Stream project we initially wanted to agree with everyone but that did not happen due to the position of the EU," the Russian PM said.

Turkish Stream is another story as it’s a commercial project, that’s why "the EU should decide itself how and where the gas should be delivered on its territory to avoid similar problems."

Russia’s task is to make gas available across the Black Sea to the Turkish-Greek border while the rest is up to European customers, said the Russian Prime Minister.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 Temmuz 2015, 11:20