Spains' Córdoba rejects church's claim to own mosque

A landmark intervention has rejected the Catholic church claim of ownership over the historic building.

Spains' Córdoba rejects church's claim to own mosque

World Bulletin / News Desk

Local authorities in Córdoba have dealt a blow to the Catholic church’s claim of legal ownership of the Spanish city’s mosque-cathedral, declaring that “religious consecration is not the way to acquire property” reports The Guaridan

The report, drawn up by the city council’s secretary general, Valeriano Lavela, brings a significant intervention in a long-running dispute over the building, which lies on the site of a Visigothic Christian church built that in the early 9th century and was given to the local bishop by Fernando III in 1236 when the city fell to Christian forces.

Lavela writes that the acquisition has no legal basis and cannot confer ownership. This, he adds, is not just because the site has since 1984 been a Unesco world heritage site “of exceptional universal value” and noone can claim ownership..  

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