Sweden rocked by immigrant riots

In three nights of riots two police officers were wounded, cars were torched and buildings were attacked in several parts of the capital

Sweden rocked by immigrant riots

World Bulletin/News Desk

Sweden's capital Stockholm has been shocked by immigrant riots that continue for the last three days.      

Two police officers were wounded in the head on Wednesday night, as young protesters torched cars and damaged buildings in 18 areas in the capital city.      

Police stations in Hagsatra and Ragsved were attacked, with the latter set afire by the assailants, officials said. The two police officers were hospitalized.      

Masked immigrant youngsters also set ablaze a restaurant in Skogas, south of the capital. The protesters threw stones at the firemen who came to put out the blaze, Stockholm Police Department said.      

Vasterort police chief Johnny Lindh said the young rioters were encouraged by the attention they get from the media.      

The riots started in the immigrant suburb Husby, where a police officer shot a dead a 69-year-old man this month, provoking accusations of police brutality.  

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