Swiss in favor of burqa ban - survey

A substantial majority of Switzerland's population is in favor of a ban on burqa, a garment worn by Muslim women, in public areas, according to Swiss media.

Swiss in favor of burqa ban - survey

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A great majority of Swiss population is in favor of a ban on burqa in public areas worn by Muslim women, according to Swiss media.  

A recent opinion poll in Switzerland has found that over 60% of people who participated in the survey said that burqa must be banned in public spaces. 

The German and French-speaking parts of the country are ready to vote for a ban on the garment, Swiss media reported. 

A member from the right-wing Swiss People’s Party is planning to launch a campaign next year for a referendum on banning the burqa. 

In 2013, a two-third of people in Italian-speaking Ticino in the country's south voted "Yes" on a public ban, however, the decision is still waiting for an approval by federal authorities.


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