Turkey and Germany at odds over 'ayran'

An argument over the Turkish national drink ayran has broken out between Turkey and Germany.

Turkey and Germany at odds over 'ayran'

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Ayran, a yoghurty drink, which was recently labeled as Turkey’s ‘national beverage’ by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is consumed at a rate of 1.6 million tons a year in Turkey. Having been introduced to Europe by migrant Turks, the European Union is seeking to regulate the drink. This has led to a silent dispute between Turkey and Germany as to what the standard should be.

While Turkey wants to see the standard which is already implemented in its own country also applied in Europe, Germany is seeking to add UHT bacteria to the ingredients. The adding of this ingredient, which is not used in the healthy Turkish beverage, is not looked upon warmly by Turkey.

According to the Turkish newspaper Radikal, the two sides are in the process of trying to convince each other of their arguments. As part of this process, a German team came to visit a factory in Turkey where ayran is made.

Ayran already contains lactic acid bacteria, which prevents many illnesses and is known to boost the immune system. However, when ayran is heated and mixed with UHT bacteria, the healthy bacteria dies. 

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