Turkish Cypriots still keen on EU: PM

TRNC Prime Minister Kucuk said his country would remain committed to the reform efforts aimed at EU harmonization.

Turkish Cypriots still keen on EU: PM

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Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk said TRNC government would keep reforms going in order to achieve harmonization with European Union legislation, as the Greek Cypriot administration continues to put obstacles in the way to EU membership for both Turkey and TRNC.

Prime Minister Kucuk released a message on the occasion of the May 9 'Europe Day', saying Turkish Cypriots, who was the side that voted in favor of the famous 'Annan plan' in 2004 and thus greenlighted the unsuccessful initiative of the then United Nations Secretary General to reunite the island, remain devoted to the idea of a resolution in Cyprus and its EU membership as one state.

"A comprehensive solution in Cyprus will create beneficial opportunities for both peoples in the island, and will help bring to fruition the incomplete EU integration process," Kucuk said in his statement.

It was upsetting that Turkish side's calls for an urgent start to negotiations were left answered after Nicos Anastasiades was elected the new leader of southern Greek administration, the prime minister said.

TRNC and Turkey together in EU negotiations

Kucuk said it was necessary for the EU to engage both TRNC and Turkey in membership negotiations.

"The common goal of Turkish Cypriots is to be a part of the European Union family," Kucuk said. "I'd like to underline the fact that the EU would not be able to complete its integration process without the Turkish people of Cyprus and the homeland Turkey." 

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