Turkish German MP hopeful on dual citizenship

Germany's new immigration minister Aydan Ozoguz said that immigrants are a true part of Germany.

Turkish German MP hopeful on dual citizenship

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Aydan Ozoguz, deputy chairperson of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SDP), who has been announced as the state minister for immigration, refugees and integration in the new coalition, has said that immigrants are a part of Germany.

Speaking to the press at the signing ceremony of the coalition agreement between Christian Union parties (CDU/CSU) and Social Democratic Party (SPD), Ozoguz said that she is delighted and excited to be a part of the Cabinet.

Reminding that she started her political carrier in Hamburg and has been in politics for 12 years, Ozoguz said that she has always struggled to open new doors. "People with Turkish and other foreign names must be involved in politics and be a part of the cabinet. This is necessary," said Germany's first-ever minister of Turkish origin in the federal government.

"Immigrants are a true part of this country. I especially want the young people to see this. I want them to believe that if they are really interested in politics and work really hard, they can get to positions of power," Ozoguz said.

Pointing out that the Social Democratic Party has always been close to Turkey, Ozoguz went on to say: "We always want Turkey to get closer to Europe. I am sure that Frank-Walter Steinmeier will continue to have close relations with Turkey as the Foreign Minister."

Noting that she had a short meeting with the new Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere during the ceremony, Ozoguz said that Maiziere would like to start work on removing the "optional model" regarding dual citizenship in January, and said she was hopeful that new steps would be taken regarding the process.

The controversial optional model obliges foreign children to decide by age 18 on which nationality to keep and which to renounce. If the young adult declares that they intend to keep their foreign nationality on turning 18, they will lose their German nationality. This is also true if they do not declare anything. If, on the other hand, they declare an intention to keep German citizenship, they are obliged to prove the loss or renouncement of the foreign nationality unless German authorities have formally approved that they may keep their foreign nationality.

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