Turkish-Swedish politician becomes energy minister

Ibrahim Baylan, who was born in Turkey and moved to Sweden when he was eight, becomes new energy minister in new Social Democrat, Green coalition.

Turkish-Swedish politician becomes energy minister

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A Swedish politician of Turkish descent is appointed Swedish energy minister in the new cabinet announced by the newly appointed Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven on Friday.

Ibrahim Baylan, who was born in Turkey but left when he was eight years old, was education minister for the Social Democrats between 2004 and 2006. He served as secretary general of the Social Democrats between 2009 and 2011. He studied economics at Umea University in the north of Sweden.

Another Swedish politician of Turkish descent, Mehmet Kaplan becomes the minister of housing and town planning. Kaplan was also former spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Sweden.

Löfven chose twelve women and twelve men to make up the new cabinet.

The Social Democrats took over the finance, defense, justice, energy and foreign affairs ministries and the small coalition party, the Green Party, held the ministries of environment, education, financial markets and foreign aid.

It is the first time that the Social Democratic will govern with another party since 1950. The Social Democrats got 31 percent while the "Greens" got 7 percent of the votes.


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