Turks in Greece denied right to speak Turkish

Turks native to western Thrace in Greece are being told that they cannot speak Turkish.

Turks in Greece denied right to speak Turkish

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To commemorate 90 years since the Treaty of Lausanne, Muslim Turks in western Thrace, Greece, held a two day conference called the Muslim Children Education Program on November 22-23 in the mainly Turkish city of Gumulcine (Komotini).

However, the conference was marred on the first day when a guest speaker was refused the right to address the audience in his mother-tongue Turkish.

This is the third such incident this month, after a coach and football players in Iskece (Xanthi), another city with a big Turkish population, was forbidden from speaking Turkish among themselves and their families during games. Turks were also forbidden from speaking Turkish at the Gumulcine state hospital.

Approximately 150,000 Turks native to western Thrace were spared the population exchange that took place after the Treat of Lausanne in 1923, which saw Turks in Greece swapped with Greeks in Turkey.

Like other ethnic Turks native to south-eastern Europe in countries such as Bulgaria and Romania, they have been in a struggle to gain official recognition for the Turkish language in Europe.

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Ed - 5 yıl Before

The same will happen to the Turkish Cypriots if/when they unify. Where is the EU ? If this was happening in Turkey, they would be lecturing about further reforms. Double standards.

Deme - 5 yıl Before

Claiming Turks are prevented from speaking Turkish in Greece is effective blood libel through extreme hyperbole. Turkish is commonly spoken in Thrace. Where hostility arises is when a minority of extreme Turkish nationalists living within Greece promote segregated Turkish-only language schools subsidized by the Greek government for irredentist purposes.

spirov - 5 yıl Before

I have family in komotini and they don't speak Turkish, why should they be excluded from the talks. All communicati on should be in the Greek national language. My family speak only Bulgarian and Greek.

philhellene - 5 yıl Before

go greece

John - 5 yıl Before

If it's so bad why do 150,000 Turks still live in Thrace ??? Just wondering what ever happened to those 300,000 thousand Greeks that lived in Turkey prior to 1955 ? How many Greeks now live in Turkey ? 2,000 yes Turkey must be a great nation that has a right to judge anyone on minorities rights when there Greek minority dies off. I hope Hagia Sofia becomes a mosque then Israel do same Al aqsa

pelopas - 5 yıl Before

turkey does not care if they are turks or greeks as long as they are muslims that makes them turks like it was 100 years ago it servs turkeys foreign policy for the area .

tino - 5 yıl Before

Most of these Turks speak Bulgarian as their mother tongue.