UK peer says government ignoring Palestine vote

After asking for the UK's 'specific criteria' to recognize Palestine, Baroness Warsi tweets 'Sadly got 'stock answer', ignored Mondays vote'.

UK peer says government ignoring Palestine vote

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A former foreign office minister who resigned over the government’s policy on Israel’s onslaught on Gaza has hit out at the government for its failure to recognise Palestinian statehood.  

Baroness Warsi wrote on her twitter feed that the government had “ignored” a vote by lawmakers urging the U.K. to officially recognise Palestine and she had received a “stock answer” when she had brought up the issue in the house of lords. 

Late Monday, British lawmakers voted to recognize Palestine as a state in a historical symbolic move that "calls on the government to recognize the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel."

A total of 274 members of parliament voted for the non-binding motion, with only 12 voting against. The vote saw the British prime minister along with other ministers abstain.

Warsi resigned from the government in August over what she called the government’s “morally indefensible” policy on Gaza.

On Wednesday she asked what the “specific criteria” were for the U.K. government to recognize Palestine.

Baroness Joyce Anelay - a British Conservative Party parliamentarian - replied: “Clearly you judge criteria on a fluid system - you watch, you wait, you encourage the Middle East peace process to continue but one doesn't give up.”

Taking to twitter, Baroness Warsi said “Sadly got 'stock answer', ignored Mondays vote.”

The British government has said its policy is to reserve the right to "bilaterally recognize a Palestinian State" at a moment of their "choosing" and when it can "best help bring about peace.”

In 2012 the United Nations voted to give Palestine non-Member Observer State status.

The UN assembly voted 138 to nine in favor of the move with 41 nations, including the UK, abstaining.


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