UK PM holds course against mutinous party over Brexit

In an article in the mass-selling The Sun tabloid, she argued that her strategy for pulling Britain out of the European Union was "not about me" but based on the "national interest".

UK PM holds course against mutinous party over Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May urged her increasingly mutinous party on Monday to back her strategy over Brexit, insisting a deal with the EU was close even as she once again rejected the bloc's proposal for the Irish border.But opposition from all sides has stepped up at home since a Brussels summit last week failed to make a breakthrough, raising fears Britain could be heading for a deeply damaging "no deal" exit next March.

Talk of a leadership challenge from within her Conservative party reached fever pitch at the weekend, with one newspaper quoting an unnamed MP saying May was entering "the killing zone".

"The Brexit talks are not about me or my personal fortunes. They're about the national interest -- and that means making the right choices, not the easy ones," May wrote.