Uncertain road ahead for Spain's new government

After 10 long months of political limbo, Spain finally has a govt, but will Mariano Rajoy be able to govern?

Uncertain road ahead for Spain's new government

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Mariano Rajoy is being officially sworn as prime minister on Monday, but although Spain finally has a government after nearly a year of political limbo, the uncertainty clearly remains.

Rajoy now has the honor of officially presiding over the most fragmented parliament in Spanish history. With a minority government, he now faces the challenges of running a country facing serious pressures from Spanish voters, the European Union, and the rebellious government of Catalonia. 

On Saturday, after two elections and 315 days of patiently watching his traditional rivals come undone, he finally won the investiture vote. This, however, does not mean he has any secure backing when it comes to passing legislation. 

Although most of the Socialists lawmakers abstained on Saturday (15 broke party discipline and voted against Rajoy), this does not mean a pact on governance has been reached. For the Socialists, it was a one-time deal.

“We’ve survived 300 days with a caretaker government, but we can’t survive a government that can’t govern…The price would be ruinous,” said Rajoy in Parliament before Saturday’s vote, imploring the other parties to work with him and to be a “responsible opposition.”

“I’m open to correcting what needs correction, improving that which needs improvement, and giving up that which is reasonable… but don’t impose on me that which I cannot accept,” he said.


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