'Xenophon' cyclone alarms Greece

Cyclone "Xenophon" causes a number of problems

'Xenophon' cyclone alarms Greece

The so-called "Xenophon" Mediterranean cycling is accompanied by powerful winds of up to 10 waves, causing problems, especially in shipping. Many ports in Greece have stopped sailing.

Only in Attica Prefecture are recorded hundreds of trees broken by the power of the wind, while local authorities ordered this Friday, all schools of this prefecture to stay closed.

The schools will also be closed in the Ionian Islands, Zakintho and Kefalonia, Peloponnese, and the southern Aegean islands.

According to Greek meteorologists' forecasts, the cyclone is likely to hit the good part of the islands of southern Greece, including Crete, in the following hours, and then it is expected to climb to the Peloponnese, accompanied by powerful winds and rainfalls.

Source: www.worldbulletin.net