Germany's dual citizenship laws 'unconstitutional'

German professor Andreas Zimmermann said that Germany's new citizenship laws are in breach of Article 3 of the constitution.

Germany's dual citizenship laws 'unconstitutional'

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German professor Andreas Zimmermann from Potsdam University has prepared a report detailing the changes of the country's citizenship laws and how they could cause problems within Germany's constitutional law as well as European and International Law.

The Cologne-based Federation against Injustice and Racism (FAIR) association called the changes in nationality law a case of going 'three steps forward and two steps backwards'.

The previous law, which presented an 'option model' for youths living in Germany to either choose German citizenship or the citizenship of the country of their parents' origin by the age of 23, has now been altered.

According to the new law, youths who have lived in Germany for a minimum of 8 years, studied in Germany for at least 6 years, gained a diploma from a German school or completed a vocational course in the country will be able to choose their nationality at the age of 21.

Furthermore, those who have strong ties to Germany and may be subject to serious problems if they are forced to choose between two nationalities will not have to make a choice. They will be allowed to carry dual citizenship.

However, according to Professor Zimmermann, citizens of other European countries who were born in Germany will also be subject to this option model, meaning they would have to lose one of two European nationalities.

Noting that this would cause problems for the Federal constitution and European Law, Zimmermann called on the German authorities to implement the same law on all youths born in Germany regardless of their origin, stating that the current law was in breach of Article 3 of the constitution.

Zimmermann also said that the option model law was not valid under Article 14 of the European Union treaty.

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