2nd Int'l Student Culture Festival in Ankara

Many students awarded scholarships by the Turkish Religious foundation (TDV) will meet in a cultural festival in the Turkish capital of Ankara on June 1.

2nd Int'l Student Culture Festival in Ankara

Turkish Religious foundation (TDV) organized an international cultural festival in Ankara on June 1 for the students coming from Greece, US, Zambia, and Ethiopia.

TDV Deputy Director-General Mustafa Tutkun spoke to AA reminding the foundation gave its first scholarship to a group of Kyrgyz students in 1993.

"The Second International Student Culture Festival" will bring together the students getting sholarship from the foundation.

In the festival, 25 different countries will be represented with various cultural activities, said Tutkun.

Stating the students getting scholarship from the foundation could get educated only in the religious fields, Tutkun said they mostly studied at imam hatip high school (religious vocational high school) and the faculty of theology.

"Last year around 45,000 applications were submitted to get the scholarship, mostly from Afghanistan," said Tutkun adding the foundation attached priority to those countries that never applied before.

Tutkun reminded the foundation also supplied scolarship for post graduate students and said there were a number of students studying at universities in Turkish provinces of Konya, Kayseri, Isparta, Samsun, Ankara, Bursa and Istanbul.

TDV has been giving scholarship to around 900 students in different parts of the world while at the same time heleping them get educated in Turkey.



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