4,825 security officers' weapons seized

Weapons belonging to 15,000 people have been confiscated in the 11 months since the law on the prevention of domestic violence came into force.

4,825 security officers' weapons seized

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According to statistics recently released by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, weapons belonging to 15,000 people, 4,825 of whom are public security officers, have been confiscated in the 11 months since the law on the prevention of domestic violence came into force.

Law 6284 on the Prevention of Violence against Women and the Protection of the Family came into effect in March 2012.

Regarding the confiscation of the guns of security officers, Family and Social Policy Minister Fatma Şahin, who spoke to reporters after visiting a jewelry exhibition in Ankara on Friday, said that, according to the law, a person's gun can be confiscated if a victim of domestic violence files a complaint against them.

Noting that any decision to confiscate a weapon is taken by family courts, Minister Şahin said: “It is clearly stated in an article of the law that gun owners who cannot control their anger and who are unable to cope with stress will be deprived of their guns. The family courts have confiscated the guns of nearly 5,000 public security officers, such as police officers and soldiers, after their spouses filed complaints of domestic violence. We are sending a clear message with this article that if you cannot control your anger, you cannot also continue to use your gun. This is a very clear stance.”

Stating that she visited one of the Violence Prevention and Monitoring Centers (ŞÖNİM) that were established as part of the law on Wednesday, Şahin added: “An average of 100 domestic violence victims apply to the center each month. When we analyze these domestic violence incidents, we see that most of the offenders are drug or alcohol addicts, and that drug and alcohol use is often the trigger for violence in a household. Addicts both carry out violent acts and refuse to receive treatment for their addictions. The law says these people have to undergo treatment to recover from their addictions. The ministry takes women who are exposed to domestic violence into state protection, but violence doesn't end until violent, addicted husbands are treated.”

In the meantime, a woman who was nine months pregnant was pushed off a balcony by her husband of 17 years in İstanbul's Gaziosmanpaşa district on Thursday. Mehmet Avcı assaulted his wife, BirGul Avcı, with no regard for her condition. After her husband reportedly hit her head against a wall, BirGul Avcı escaped to the second floor balcony, from which her husband pushed her off.

Seriously injured, BirGul Avcı was taken to a hospital and her baby was delivered by cesarean section. Both the woman and her newborn baby are in the intensive care unit. The police are looking for Mehmet Avcı, who fled the scene following the incident.

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