55 children in Turkey died on the job in 2013

It has been claimed that 55 children in Turkey died while working due to accidents in the workplace.

55 children in Turkey died on the job in 2013

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While campaigns to raise awareness of children’s rights are taking place all over the world to commemorate World Children’s Day on November 20, it has been declared that 55 children died in Turkey in 2013 due to accidents while working.

The Istanbul Worker’s Health and Work Security Assembly made a press statement on Wednesday quoting the statistic, while at the same time mentioning that there were 5,960 children working illegally in 2012.

The European and International Labor Organization has praised Turkey for the steps it has taken to tackle child labor in the country. In a statement they said:

“It is also a fact that Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu had a 10 year-old kid polish his shoes. Not only that he gave him pocket money, but also he said he did it to support him. It is also a fact that a court ordered the employers of dead child worker Muhammet Isa Soysal in 2011 to pay 47,000 liras as damages, saying that “if Soysal lived until 65, he would only earn the minimum wage. It is also a fact that there is currently the legal basis for minors to work in dangerous and tough jobs. The employers of Ahmet Yildiz (13) were ordered to pay 30,040 lira with 24 installments. Koc Holding’s project aim to turn Turkey into a cheap labor heaven. It is also a fact that Education, Labor Ministries and EU Turkey Delegation held a conference shaping the future of high school around the needs of market economy. It is also a fact that, according to Statistics Institution of Turkey, only 893,000 children work. But considering that 45 percent of seasonal workers are children. The toll is even larger. It is also a fact that factors leading to child labor and its insecurity are poor family finances, migration, lack of access to education, 4+4+4 system, deprivation of money and capitalism’s need for cheap labor.”

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