Additional lot to be drawn in NSU case in Germany

A mistake was made in the lots drawn to determine the journalists who will monitor the NSU case in Germany. The Court will hold an additional drawing for 1 seat in the group of journalists who will broadcast in German.

Additional lot to be drawn in NSU case in Germany

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The Munich Higher Regional Court in Germany has admitted a mistake was made in the drawing for the journalists who will receive accreditation to monitor the trial of the far-right National Socialist Underground (NSU).

The Court expressed in its statement that a freelance journalist for the German WDR institution had retracted the application he filed on April 22, but his lot had been drawn in the drawing for the journalists who would be permitted to a place in Group 3 which consists of media broadcasting in the German language.

It was indicated that the name of this person should not have been in the drawing but was nonetheless drawn. The statement expressed that an additional drawing would be held for only the one remaining seat in Group 3.

Court spokesman Andrea Titz stated that there is no delay in the court trial which is set to start on May 6.

Meanwhile, freelance journalist Martin Lejeune who was granted permission to monitor the case during the first accreditation application but whose lot was not drawn during the second accreditation, applied to the Constitutional Court.

The Munich Higher Regional Court had canceled its initial accreditation implementation after the Constitutional Court of Germany decided that at least three foreign press agencies should be allowed to follow the case.

After the Court decided the journalists following the case would be determined by drawing lots, the first hearing was postponed to May 6. 324 media outlets applied for the drawing held yesterday.

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