AIDS researcher Turkish doctor passes away

Prof. Dr. Huseyin Sipahioglu, who diagnosed a patient with the AIDS virus in Turkey first passed away at the age of 87

AIDS researcher Turkish doctor passes away

Prof. Dr. Huseyin Sipahioglu passed away in Alanya town of the southern province of Antalya on Saturday at the age of 87.

Dr. Sipahioglu was taken to the Baskent University Research Hospital in Alanya early on Saturday morning after falling ill.

He lost his life at the hospital.

Dr. Sipahioglu was the first doctor in Turkey to diagnose a patient with the AIDS virus. He was known for his research on AIDS.

A funeral ceremony took place in Alanya for Dr. Sipahioglu and he was buried at the Bektas Cemetery.

Dr. Sipahioglu served as the dean of Kayseri Gevher Nesibe Medical Faculty. He was also the founding rector of the Kayseri Erciyes University.

Dr. Sipahioglu established an association for fighting against thalassemia. He wrote six scientific books and published over 300 medical articles.

Dr. Sipahioglu was a founding member of the Akdeniz (Mediterranean) University. He was also active in several associations.

Prof. Dr. Sipahioglu was married with four children.


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