Anti-contamination drill held at Ankara airport

An emergency drill carried out at airport in Turkish capital tested the facility's reflexes against cases of contagious diseases, as well as radioactive and chemical contamination.

Anti-contamination drill held at Ankara airport

Esenboga International Airport in Turkish capital Ankara saw Thursday a public health emergency drill designed to help it better respond to possible scenarios of contagious diseases and radioactive or chemical contamination.

The drill, a first in Turkey dealing with cases of radioactivation, was aimed at "increasing preparedness for public health emergencies, improving communication, cooperation and coordination between stake-holders, as well as testing the feasibility of present contingency plans," a statement from the Turkish Ministry of Health said.

More than twenty stake-holders, including state agencies and airport organizations, participated in the exercise, which involved emergency support teams and medical staff engaging the emergency situation on a landing plane, where four passengers, reported to be inflicted with a contagious disease, became unwell, with one of them in a critical condition.

As part of the drill script, the plane was first scanned for radioactive and chemical leaks, then the subjects were carried out for medical attention. The critical patient, carried on a decontamination stretcher, was transferred to hospital on an air ambulance while others were sent overland.

Officials expect the drill will help Esenboga airport, awarded the best in Europe by Airport Council International (ACI) in 2009, ensure that its response procedures are effective and in keeping with International Health Regulations set by World Health Organization (WHO).


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