Chechen refugees in Turkey demand legal education for their children

Chechen refugees in Turkey call on the Ministry of Education to get legal education for their children.

Chechen refugees in Turkey demand legal education for their children


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Chechen refugees in Turkey call on the Ministry of Education to get legal education for their children, as education for children of illegal Armenians comes under question.

As Turkey debates over whether or not children of Amenians living illegally in Turkey continue, Caucasus Foundation Founders Committee Chairman Mehdi Cetinbas reminded the problems related to school attendance of the children of the Chechen refugees who fled their country following the Russia's war in Caucasus in 90s.

Cetinbas demanded establishing a legal infrastructure for these children to admit to schools and received certificates in Turkey.

Answering the questions of the AA correspondent, Cetinbas reminded the recent discussions around the education of children of Amenians living illegally in Turkey, and said "if this issue is to be resolved, we will benefit from it. I do not want Armanians go through the trouble we had." 

Chechens living in Turkey are not accepted for the refugee status and considered as the same status with the people who came for work from countries such as Romania and Armenia, Cetinbas said. "If children are accepted to the schools, they will get residency automaticly, that is why the children are not legally allowed to get education" he said.

"No validity for education yet"

Cetinbas said Chechen refugee children are able to attend elementary schools when school principals or the national education directors tolerate, but this education is not recognized by the state.

"Children get education here but it is not a legal education. When they finish school here, they get a document which has no legal validity.

"We send this document to Chechnya and get accreditation. Believe it or not, by
using this method, some students finished high school in Turkey," he said.

Cetinbas said the problem occurs in the primary schools, as it is allowed to go to high school in Turkey coming from a foreign country.

"We do not want concessions. Chechens only ask for a legal adjustment for the students so they will be accepted to the  National Education's schools, and receive  report card,"Cetinbas said, adding "These people are the victims and they are homeless and they have no country to return. The number of them do not exceed 3 thousand people, and there are about 200 students. So it is not a great figure. These problems somehow to be resolved."

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