Civilian control reinforced on Turkish military council

Justice minister says reforms will ensure civilian control of appointments

Civilian control reinforced on Turkish military council

World Bulletin / News Desk

 The new structure of Turkey’s Supreme Military Council (YAS) will better represent the civilian government, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said Sunday.

In the wake of the July 15 attempted coup, the government has changed the make-up of the YAS to give more seats to Cabinet ministers, including Bozdag, and less to the military. Previously, the president, prime minister and defense minister had been among the limited civilian representation on the council.

“The change and increase of civilian authority in the Supreme Military Council means that in the promotions, civilians will be decisive,” Bozdag told Kanal 24 TV. The appointment of senior officers is one of the council’s primary functions.

In changes to bring the military further under government control following the coup bid, which saw more than 230 people martyred, the commands of the army, navy and air force will answer directly to the Defense Ministry.

The president and prime minister will also have authority to issue direct orders to commanders without the need for approval from elsewhere.

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