Construction plans for Istanbul skyscrapers canceled

The building permit and construction plans of the skyscrapers in Zeytinburnu Kazlicesme, which Prime Minister Erdogan criticized for their negative impact on Istanbul’s historic landscape, have been canceled.

Construction plans for Istanbul skyscrapers canceled

World Bulletin/News Desk

The 4th Istanbul Administrative Court has ruled against the construction of skyscrapers which would ruin the historic silhouette of the city.

The Court indicated that according to Construction Act no. 3194, settlements and their structures must be constructed in a fashion compatible with planning, science, health and environmental conditions.

It further emphasized that the purpose of all such plans was to meet the social and cultural requirements of the area’s people, to create a safe and healthy environment, and to enhance the quality of life.

In its decision, the court decided that the skyscrapers were not compatible with the World Heritage Site Protection Principles to which Turkey had committed and to national preservation criteria. The court ruled that the triple towers had an adverse effect on the silhouette of the historical peninsula, and would set a negative precedent for such future structures.

The court noted that the plans of the skyscrapers in question were too high according to the construction criteria of the environment, the plans were not as comprehensive and lacked the integrity needed, and they were incompatible with the fundamentals of development.

The ruling stated that “it has been concluded that the plans which are the matter of this case are contrary to the public interest in terms of urban planning policies, planning principles and techniques.”

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Jayzel - 6 yıl Before

Erdoğan isn't an Islamist. He is a nanny like Mayor Bloomberg in New York. He has decided we should only do what he wants us to do