Deceased protester not killed by gunshot wound: autopsy

The prosecution announced that bullet wounds were not found on the body of protestor Abdullah Comert, despite it being claimed earlier that he was shot while participating in a protest in Hatay.

Deceased protester not killed by gunshot wound: autopsy

World Bulletin/News Desk

The autopsy procedures of the Prosecutor General's Office in Hatay have concluded that there are “no entry and exit wounds from a gunshot or any lesions resulting in damage to the brain tissue” on the body of young Abdullah Comert, who died while protesting in Hatay yesterday.

Protests in support of the recent incidents at Istanbul's Taksim Gezi Park continued in Hatay yesterday.

22 year old Abdullah Comert lost his life at around 23:00 in the protests held in the neighborhood of Armutlu.

Comert was taken to the Antakya State Hospital, where he after passed away, after he was found lying on the ground. A police investigation into Comert’s death has been opened.

Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP) Hatay deputy Hasan Akgol has indicated that Comert was a board member of the CHP Hatay youth wing.

A statement on the official website of the Hatay Governor had claimed that Comert lost his life due to a gunshot wound.

Hatay Governor Mehmet Celalettin Lekesiz expressed that gunshots were fired yesterday on the vehicles of security forces who conducted investigations and research during the demonstrations in the area. He also expressed that a gun with real bullets had been seized by safety officials from a protestor.

Lekesiz said that media sources had information and footage of firearms among some of the protestors during the demonstrations.

He warned that, especially in their region, citizens who had taken to the street with good intentions could to misled by groups seeking to stir conflict and start chaos. 

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