Erdogan: PKK inflictling torment on Turkey's southeast

Turkey's PM Erdogan: "My Kurdish brethren will cry out against these blood sucking vampires".

Erdogan: PKK inflictling torment on Turkey's southeast

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The outlawed pro-Kurdish PKK group and its supporter, the Peoples' Democracy Party contribute nothing but pain and suffering to Turkey's southeastern region, Turkey's PM said at the AK Party's Mayors' Consultation meeting in Ankara Wednesday.

"They turn a blind eye to murders, kill and leave mothers without their kids, make children into orphans and always cultivate fear," he said.

PM Erdogan said that the group is now confused to see people in Diyarbakir demanding their children back and he claims that the Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) has started to collapse because of its cruel policies even before it is fully established.

"My Kurdish brethren will cry out against these blood sucking vampires. No matter what they do, we will not give up the 'solution process' and our brotherhood. We, the 77 million people, will sincerely continue our struggle for a brotherly Turkey," he said.

The perpetrators of the flag removal incident at a military base in Lice district of Diyarbakir Monday sent a teenager to remove the flag with full knowledge of the high risk of him being killed. They, however, were unsuccessful in the provocation to sabotage the 'solution process', Erdogan said.

Turkey's southeastern region has recently been tense after two protesters were killed during an illegal protest against the construction of a military outpost in the southeastern Lice district of Diyarbakir on Saturday. The two men died after security forces intervened in demonstrations held by a pro-Kurdish group who attempted to block the road between Diyarbakir and Bingol provinces, hurling hand-made grenades and stones at security forces with the aim of fueling further protests amongst the Kurdish people.

Turkey's 'solution process' began early last year with a ceasefire between the Turkish government and the outlawed PKK organization. The government pledged democratic reforms to empower minorities, particularly the Kurdish people -- by far the largest minority representing 18 percent of the population.

Erdogan stated that Turkey was under severe attacks in the last year. He cited the first as the Gezi Park protests, then the Istanbul-based operations targeting Turkey's peace, stability, security, democracy and fraternity.

The two Istanbul-based anti-graft operations launched on December 17 and 25 led to the arrest of high-profile figures including the sons of the three ministers as well as several businessmen. All those detained under the probe were later released pending trial.

"Thank God we stood our ground, protected Turkey's gains and received overwhelming suport from the Turkish people during the 30 March 2014 municipal elections," he said.

Erdogan argued that the Taksim Square project was distorted through a campaign of disinformation in collaboration with the 'parallel state'. He explained that in Taksim there is no place of worship, and the construction plan for a mosque was part of the project, however this was opposed to.

"The residents of Beyoglu district of Istanbul and the people of Istanbul in general approved our project, the victory of our party in the municipal election is the proof of this support."

The original Gezi Park protests began as a small environmental demonstration in May last year and turned into nationwide anti-government demonstrations. The protests erupted after the government moved to implement a redevelopment plan for nearby Taksim Square which allegedly included replacing part of Gezi Park with a mall.

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