German tourists moan trip to Turkey ruined by prayer call

A Hannover court threw out the case of a German couple seeking a refund for their holiday.

German tourists moan trip to Turkey ruined by prayer call

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A German couple have had their legal attempt to get a refund from a travel agent in Hannover after they complained that their €2,258 all-inclusive holiday to Turkey's Aegean resort of Doganbey was ruined by the Islamic call to prayer.

The couple complained that the call to prayer which was recited from a nearby mosque on a loudspeaker every morning at 6am disturbed their sleep, as well as complaining that the call was repeated five times a day every day in accordance with Islamic custom.

The Hannover district court dismissed the case on April 11th and published its statement on Tuesday, saying "The call to prayer is customary in Turkey and is comparable with church bells in a Christian country."

The call to prayer, otherwise known as the Adhan, is recited from mosques in Muslim countries to notify worshippers that a new prayer time period has set in and that congregational prayers are about to start.

Based around the daily positioning of the sun, prayer times vary throughout different countries and times of the year, becoming more spaced apart in the summer and closer to each other in the winter. Countries nearer to the poles see drastic changes in the prayer times between the summer and the winter seasons, whereas countries along the equator do not see such a drastic change.

Many tourists, both Muslim and non-Muslim alike, come to Muslim countries like Turkey specifically to be enchanted by the mystical and melodious sound of the Adhan, which has been recited throughout the Muslim world for over 1,400 years.

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