Inmates of one Turkish prison face violence: EU

Allegations of severe violence against juvenile inmates of one prison near Adana is investigated by European committee.

Inmates of one Turkish prison face violence: EU

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Juveniles held at Pozanti prison near Adana have been victims of frequent and severe violence by fellow inmates and prison staff, a European anti-torture Committee report published on Thursday finds.

The Council of Europe anti-torture Committee (CPT), which has the right to examine prisons of member countries without having to inform them beforehand, came to Turkey in June last year to investigate allegations of ill-treatment of juvenile prisoners by prison staff and inter-prisoner violence at Pozanti Prison in the south east of Turkey.

The report found that a great majority of the inmates made "consistent and credible allegations that they had been victims of frequent and severe violence by fellow inmates" in Pozanti Prison.

In response, the Turkish authorities are providing information on "criminal proceedings and administrative investigations initiated against prison staff as well as juveniles," the report said.

The report added the delegation visited Ankara-Sincan Juvenile Prison, to which all the juveniles previously held at Pozanti Prison had been transferred, as well as Istanbul-Maltepe Juvenile Prison and the juvenile units of prisons for adults in Diyarbakir and Gaziantep.

While material conditions were generally of a very good standard at Sincan and Maltepe Prisons, they left a great deal to be desired in the juvenile units at Diyarbakir and Gaziantep E-type Prisons.

The committee, however, welcomes the fact that, in all the establishments visited, juveniles had unrestricted access to an outdoor exercise yard throughout the day.

 Published reports are presented to the Ministers Committee of the Council of Europe.

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