'Kirpi' mine resistant vehicle contract terminated

The Turkish Armed Forces’ (TSK) contract with BMC regarding the purchase of “Kirpi” mine resistant armored vehicles has been terminated.

'Kirpi' mine resistant vehicle contract terminated

World Bulletin/News Desk

Minister of National Defence Ismet Yilmaz has stated that the contract with BMC, which has been seized by Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF) has been terminated.

Yilmaz said that despite rumors that the termination was due to the government not paying its debts, such was not the case and the government had no outstanding debts.

“There are currently a small number of these vehicles which can be completed with a small amount of work. If these vehicles are completed, though I don’t know how they will be, we are ready to purchase them,” Yilmaz stated.

Yilmaz also expressed that there are currently no efforts to shorten the period of compulsory military service.

He stated that “We will watch the course of how the solution process is handled, whether there is peace and well-being in the country. If everything goes well, the right thing for our country will be done and will be presented to our people.”

Güncelleme Tarihi: 24 Mayıs 2013, 17:18