Meskhetian Turks migrating to Turkey

Leader of Jalalabad Meskhetian Turks said Meskhetian Turks were going to Turkey as they felt homesick

Meskhetian Turks migrating to Turkey

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Suleyman Sariyev, leader of Meskhetian Turks who are living in Jalalabad province in the south of Kyrgyzstan, said Turks in five villages of Jalalabad were continuing to migrate to Turkey as they were feeling homesick.      

Soviet Union, on November 14, 1944, had expelled Meskhetian Turks from Georgia's Meskheti region to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. After the collapse of Soviet Union, Meskhetian Turks spread from Uzbekistan to Ukraine and Russia, and then to the US and Turkey.      

Meskhetian Turks are keeping Turkish culture, customs and traditions alive. They are known as a Turkish community busy with farming and animal breeding. Today, living in 9 countries, Meskhetian Turks have been migrating to Turkey for the last 23 years.      

Noting that unemployment was the biggest problem in the region, Sariyev said that young people preferred to live in Turkey and Russia to earn money.      

Our youth see Turkey as their homeland, and they want to stay there, said Sariyev, adding that Turkey extended every type of support in this issue.      

Sariyev also said 230 families in Jalalabad applied to return to Meskheti region of Georgia, but Georgian government rejected.  

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