Permission Granted for a Kurdish School in Turkey's Diyarbakir

Kurdish School that closed by governor has been reopened in Diyarbakir...

Permission Granted for a Kurdish School in Turkey's Diyarbakir

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In Diyarbakir, a school that was opened on the 15th September by a joint effort from local
councils, Egitim-Sen and Kurdi-der that was sealed and locked by the Governor has been reopened.  It was reopened twice which caused a crisis, but the school that is taught in the Kurdish has recommenced their education.

Close to 100 students are studying at the Ferzad Kemanger primary school. Sebahattin Gultekin, Chairman of the Kurdi-Der Association said that, after the inspections from the Department of Education, “There is no negative approach. The students are receving the lessons that are necessary in Kurdish. The Department of Education, in a written statement sees us as a private school”.

On the 15th of September, they had advised that they were going to be conducting lessons in
Kurdish however despite the Governor locking the school down twice, they were reopened by members of the DBP party – the school which is located in the Baglar County, Ferzad Kemanger Primary School, reopened their doors to students last month. The Egitim Destek Evler as well as the Egitim-Sen and Kurdi-Der prepared a file which was submitted to the Governor and the school was reopened for Kurdish education after the inspections from the Department of Education. In four different classes, the children in the school will receive lesson in reading-writing, art, music, mathematics and life sciences, in Kurdish.

The School was assessed as a Support House. The Diyarbakir Milli Egitim Directorate representatives, having specified the Kurdish lessons with the Public Education Training Support centre, said that for now its status will remain as a Support House.

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