PKK commander has 'no regrets' on peace process

Murat Karayilan reaffirmed his support for the solution process for the Kurds of Turkey.

PKK commander has 'no regrets' on peace process

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The commander of the armed wing of the Kurdish separatist PKK in Turkey's south-east, Murat Karayilan, has said that he has no regrets over the peace process that was commenced between the Turkish government and PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan last year.

In an article published in the PKK's monthly publication Serxwebun magazine, Karayilan pledged his dedication to the peace process, which consists of three stages. The first stage, which consists of a ceasefire and retreat of PKK fighters from Turkish soil, has already been fulfilled. Now Turkey is in the process of fulfilling its legal obligations as part of a second stage, while the third and final stage consists of the normalization of relations.

Regarding this, Karayilan wrote: "The finak stafe is to release all prisoners and forgive each other. The fulfilling of these three stages means a solution to the Kurdish problem. A solution to the Kurdish problem is a great step towards solving all the problems that are leading to a deadlock in the Middle-East."

"We have no regrets over the year since this process was initiated," he said, adding "of course there will be gains for us as a people and a movement."

"Above all else, the whole world has seen that we really want a solution achieved through politics and dialogue. We are not pro-war, we are pro-peace. However, we are bound by our honor and dignity. If it is for our honor, dignity and freedom we will fight," he added.

A ceasefire was declared in a letter sent from the jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan at the Newroz celebrations last year, which was read out to a jubilant crowd of Kurds in the south-eastern Turkish city of Diyarbakir.

Talks between Turkish officials and the PKK leader continue to take place at his high-security prison on Imrali island.

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