Prep school licenses not to be renewed

Dershanes, which literally means “lesson houses,” are places where students pay for extra lessons outside their regular school curriculum

Prep school licenses not to be renewed

Education Minister Nabi Avci has ended ongoing debates as to whether schools offering high school and university preparation courses will be closed down, saying that the licenses of these courses will not be renewed as of Jan. 1. He said the preparatory schools will from that date function within the national education system.

Speaking on a TV program on Sunday, Avci said there will be no room for prep schools in the national education system in the 2014-2015 school year.

Noting that prep schools renew their licenses in January, he said: “Students who attend these schools will continue to do so until June. These schools renewed their licenses last January, so they enrolled students based on the licenses they received in January, made contracts with teachers and rented buildings. As of January 2014, they will not be given licenses.”

Dershanes, which literally means “lesson houses,” are places where students pay for extra lessons outside their regular school curriculum. At most schools, there are 40 hours of lessons a week, while dershanes offer around 15-20 hours of lessons weekly. In Turkey, most middle and high school students attend dershanes while preparing for exams that will decide which high schools and universities they will be eligible to attend. The extra cost to parents for the courses can be a huge burden for middle-class families. Families usually cut down on expenses and save money so their children can attend these courses.

“Now they are in the national education system. There will be no institution that is legally defined as a preparatory school in the relevant education law. If they continue to operate, we will not recognize them. Institutions that are not approved by the Education Ministry and not given licenses will not be found to be reliable,” he said in further remarks.

Minister Avci also said these schools will be encouraged to transform themselves into private schools.

The prep schools that agree to become private schools will be given a period of three years for this transition. Even if they do not fully comply with the criteria of a private school in the first three years, the ministry will allow them to operate, but they will be required to comply with all the criteria at the end of the three years.


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