Pro-Kurdish parties in Turkey protest ISIL

Pro-Kurdish and left wing parties in Turkey protest on Sunday against ISIL attacks on Kurds.

Pro-Kurdish parties in Turkey protest ISIL

World Bulletin / News Desk

Various non-governmental organizations protested against the ISIL militants on Sunday in the central Istanbul district of Beyoglu.

Under the leadership of left-wing and pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party, members of civil society organizations gathered in the Tunel square at the southwestern end of Istiklal Street in European side of Istanbul.

Shouting slogans and carrying banners, the demonstrators marched to Galatasaray Square near the same area.

Statements were made on the behalf of the groups, calling on the international community – especially the United Nations – to take action.

Meanwhile, a group of Kurdish Democratic Party of Regions members went to the Suruc district in the southeastern Sanliurfa province from Diyarbakir to create a human chain, dubbed "the peace chain," near Turkey's border with Syria.

As many as 100,000 Syrians have arrived in Suruc after ISIL’s recent attacks on the Syrian town of Kobani, which hosts nearly 200,000 internally displaced people mainly from Syria’s Kurdish minority.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 Eylül 2014, 09:38