Removing PKK from terror list out of question: EU

EU Counter-terrorism Coordinator Kerchove says it is not on their agenda to remove the PKK from the terrorist list in a short term.

Removing PKK from terror list out of question: EU

The EU Counter-terrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove ruled out on Saturday the possibility of removing the PKK from terror list in a short period of time.

"Member states will decide on if the PKK should be removed from the list or not. This matter is not on our agenda. It is out of question to remove the PKK from the terror list in a short period of time," Kerchove told Anadolu Agency (AA).

The PKK is considered a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the United States and European Union.

"Possiblity to remove the PKK from the list is a subject that could be put on the agenda within the framework of a package in case of everything goes well in this process," he added,  "The organization is only needed to be removed from the list in case of ending violent acts completely and returning to a normal and democratic dialogue, but If we've reached to this level, we will surely get Turkey's opinion."

Welcoming the "solution process" conducted by Turkish goverment, he said, "The efforts are going in the right way. We've arrived in Turkey a few months ago and conveyed our desire to support and contribute the process to Turkish offices. This could be like simplifying the process, disarmament or within the framework of some specific projects in southeast."

Kerchove emphasized, "Turkey is a member country, a close neigbour, NATO ally and a strategic country in the region, which has being destabilized much more every day. There are many elements that require to cooperate with Turkey closely."

 The EU official also stressed the importance of cooperation with Turkey in the field of foreign fighthers, saying, " Rise on the number of the foreign fighters going to Syria from Europe is a subject that Turkey could help us on. Many of them are going to Syria through Turkey. It will be better if we work closely with Turkey."


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