Rockets seized near Syrian border were Turkish-made

It has been revealed that 933 rockets seized by police in the Turkish city of Adana were manufactured locally and were heading to Al Qaeda rebels in Syria.

Rockets seized near Syrian border were Turkish-made

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Missiles seized by the Turkish authorities from a truck yesterday in the southeastern city of Adana are believed to have been manufactured in a local workshop.

933 rockets were discovered in a Konya registered truck yesterday in the Turkish city of Adana during a drugs bust by police after being given a tip-off. The driver of the truck and 9 Syrians were arrested in the incident.

The weapons shipment is believed to have been organized by an individual by the code name of Haitham and was destined to Al Qaeda linked rebels in Syria.

An anonymous tip-off was received by the police about a large-quantity drug shipment taking place at the Cagri Torna workplace in the Metal Industry district of Adana, naming an individual only known as Eyup A. as a suspect. Police arrived at the team with a narcotics team, only to find 933 missiles loaded in the back of a truck from the central Turkish city of Konya.

After the driver of the truck, identified only as A.C., was questioned by the police, it was revealed that 593 rockets has been produced by the Peker Iron Industry while e340 had been produced by the Cagri Torna factory in Adana, upon the request of an Al Qaeda member known as Haitham Toubaljeh. The truck was set to leave for the border province of Hatay. If asked about the contents of the truck, A.C. was told to say that he was delivering winter blankets to Syria.

The mystery suspect Haitham Toubaljeh went missing after the shipment was seized, and is now being hunted by the Turkish authorities.

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