Senior diplomat says neo-Nazi suspects will get due punishment

Top German diplomat in Turkey said culprits in neo-Nazi murder case will receive 'due and fair trial'

Senior diplomat says neo-Nazi suspects will get due punishment

Germany's Ambassador to Turkey has expressed confidence that suspects in a high-profile neo-Nazi murder case will be tried fairly and receive a due punishment.

"I am sure that this trial will proceed in a correct manner and culprits will receive the punishment they deserve," Eberhard Pohl told the Anadolu Agency in an interview about trial of suspected members of the Nationalist Socialist Underground, a neo-Nazi terror cell, charged with racially-motivated killings of 10 people, including 8 Turks, a Greek national and a German policewoman, between 2000 and 2007.

Pohl said the murders were unacceptable, adding that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other German politicians have condemned the murders, adding that  the chancellor rejected the incident as "a weakness for Germany."

"The important thing is the constitutionality of the judicial process, and to make sure that culprits should be punished fairly at the end," said Pohl.

The German envoy also stressed that the German National Assembly, Bundestag, established a commission to investigate and the NSU case and "to learn lessons" from it.


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