Socialist International called for UN backed solution in Syria

The two-day Socialist International Conference in Istanbul brought together Socialist leaders and delegates from all over the world, where they focused on the issues of the Gezi Park protests and Syria.

Socialist International called for UN backed solution in Syria

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The Socialist International (SI) Council meeting ended on Tuesday in Istanbul with statements on Gezi Park and Syria. 

The SI Council urged an end to the civil war in Syria and a cessation of hostilities on all sides, the installation of a transitional government to pave the way for democracy and respect for the rights and freedoms of all minorities in Syria.

The SI called upon the members of the UN Security Council, in particular the five permanent members, to give new impetus to the political process. 

"A democratic transition backed by the United Nations would not only be the best solution for Syria but also contribute to restoring faith in multilateralism, which the Socialist International continues to believe is the only means to reach durable solutions and lasting peace," the draft emphasized.

The organization also accepted a declaration on Gezi Park. "Gezi Park protests marked a turning point in Turkish politics, demonstrating the rising power and importance of civil society in favour of democracy and fundamental freedoms," the draft said.

"SI expresses its solidarity with the young generation of Turkey, in their demands for democracy, freedom and an end to interference by the government and state in their way of life," it added.

On the second day of the meeting, CI President George Papandreuo stressed the importance of the role of SI in the world saying,"We are a voice of democracy, transparency and dialogue. They want to see an alternative around the world. We must remain united.  We have political voice. That's all we have. If we work together, we can find solutions to problems and make difference in the world."

The CHP, which organized the council meeting, previously had hosted a special SI committee meeting in Istanbul in March 2012 to discuss the Arab Spring.

Socialist International (SI) is the worldwide organization of social democratic, socialist and labour parties.

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