Steam Boiler Probable Cause of Fatal Factory Explosion

Faulty assembly may have caused explosion that killed 7 factory workers and injured others.

Steam Boiler Probable Cause of Fatal Factory Explosion

World Bulletin/ News Desk

The Guneydogu Galvanizing Factory in Gaziantep has indicated that a steam boiler was the main cause behind the fatal explosion on Wednesday which claimed the lives of 7 workers at the metal galvanizing factory. 

A statement released at the Guneydogu Galvanizing Factory regarding the incident mourned the deceased and expressed condolences to the families of the victims while praying for the quick recovery of the injured employees.

The statement emphasized that the security of workers was a top priority at the factory, and that work conditions there complied with the workplace safety and worker health conditions required by legislation.

It stated that “[t]he main reason behind the explosion was a steam boiler. The boiler, which operates with natural gas, heats the galvanizers with steam approaching 1300 degrees Celsius. The steam boiler was made by a private natural gas company in Gaziantep. We believe that employees from the company assembling the boiler were at the site at the time of the explosion, and that an accident or omission during the assembly may have caused the explosion. Naturally, a clearer picture will be available after a detailed investigation of the site of the incident.”

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