Syria missiles locked-on to Turkish jets

Turkish F-16 fighter jets patroling Turkey-Syria border were harassed, the Turkish military said.

Syria missiles locked-on to Turkish jets

World Bulletin / News Desk

Tension between Syria and Turkey along the two countries’ border continued Tuesday after an announcement from the Turkish military that its fighter jets were targeted by Syrian missile systems.

A statement from Turkey’s General Staff on Tuesday said that missile systems deployed in Syria locked on to Turkish F-16 fighter jets along the Turkey-Syria border

Two F-16s were scrambled and directed towards the border region after three Syrian SU-24 jets approached Turkey's airspace. The Syrian aircraft left the area without violating Turkish airspace.

The statement said that Syrian ground missile systems tracked five Turkish F-16 warplanes 16 times over 14 minutes as they flew over the southern town of Incirlik and the country’s southeastern Diyarbakir province. 

Tensions in the area have remained high since Turkish forces shot down a Syrian warplane for entering its airspace on March 23.

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