Syrian refugees in Turkey worry after election

After the AK Party loses the majority in Parliament, Syrian refugees who have not been welcomed by the opposition parties in Turkey, worry about their future

Syrian refugees in Turkey worry after election

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The Turkey-based Syrian platform says Syrian refugees are living on a knife-edge, because they are in fear of being sent back to their war-torn homeland when the new coalition takes over .

Mahdi Dawood, the Vice President of the Syrian Associations Platform, has said that over one million Syrian refugees languishing in make-shift camps in Turkey are seriously concerned for their future after the ruling AK Party failed to pull off one more election victory on Sunday's polls.

“The prospect of a coalition government has left their feeling tense and on edge. They are worried that they might be sent back to Syria. We all wait for the formation of the new government. We will move accordingly," Dawood said, speaking to Yeni Safak daily during an interview on Wednesday.

“All of us laid awake on election night. Even, some of us suggested that we should pack up."

Nearly 2 million of displaced refugees remain tense since the main opposition CHP promised its supporters during the election campaign that they would send Syrians back to their hometowns.

The Platform represents a total of 25 pro-Syrian NGOs, which have been formed by Syrian refugees who fled into Turkey due to the ongoing civilian war in their homeland.

According to Dawood, Turkey's election results are a big surprise for Syrian refugees. “To be honest, we have had disappointment. We feel empty and do not know what will happen next," he explained.

Turkey is now host to 1.6 million displaced Syrians, about half of the total number of people who have fled the fighting that broke out nearly four years ago, according to the New York Times. Around four million Syrian refugees are registered in neighboring Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, said the United Nations.

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