Turkey believed to be on NSA's hitlist

Turkey is believed to be one of the 35 countries targeted in the US spy scandal; although Turkey president Abdullah Gul has admitted that he does not know whether or not his phone calls were tapped.

Turkey believed to be on NSA's hitlist

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Brazil, Mexico, France and Germany have confirmed that their leaders were targeted by the NSA spy campaign, which saw mobile phones and email accounts compromised. Although Turkey are yet to reveal whether or not they were targeted, many believe it is highly likely.

Former NSA employee and now wanted fugitive Edward Snowden, who has sought refuge in Russia after escaping from the US, sent certain files to British journalist Glenn Greenwald, who revealed them on Brazil’s Globo TV channel. Turkey is also mentioned in some of the files.

Turkey finds itself listed in a file titled ‘friends, foes or problems?’ along with Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Also, in another file called ‘2014-2019 Geopolitical Trends’, an extract states that Brazil and Turkey’s global power in increasing.

Greenwald has expressed his intention to continue making classified information public.


Although it is unclear whether or not Turkey was targeted, Turkish officials announced that they had already taken precautions in the event of a phone-tap. Turkey's MILCEP communications system is believed to be well-protected against hackers.  

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