Turkey calls on world to help with Syrian refugees

Interior Minister Efkan Ala called on the UN and nations to assist with the refugee crisis on Turkey's southern border.

Turkey calls on world to help with Syrian refugees

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Turkey has called on the international community to help it cope with the flood of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Istanbul on Monday, Interior Minister Efkan Ala said: "Within the last week more than 150,000 mainly Kurdish refugees took shelter in Turkey. This means a city.

“International organizations did not help properly. So we spent $4 billion, the UN has spent $160 million on aid [in Syria] and other countries in total spent $244 million on aid. This is nothing."

Ala criticized Western policy in the Middle East claiming they bear responsibility for the emergence of terrorist groups such as the ISIL that “threaten humanity and the West.”

Turkey has taken in more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees since the war began in 2011. Turkey has spent more than $3.5 billion on helping Syrians since civil war broke out in 2011.

Buffer zone

Turkey wants to "make life easier" for displaced Syrians by establishing a safe zone on Syrian territory next to the border, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said.

Speaking in New York on Monday, Cavusoglu said: "A buffer zone inside Syria is essential to make life easier for the Syrian refugees."

Commenting on the alliance against ISIL, Cavusoglu, who met UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during his visit, called for a "comprehensive" strategy to deal with the terror group.

He also informed Ban about the measures Turkey has taken to stop foreign fighters travelling through its territory to join extremist groups in Syria and Iraq.

In addition to the humanitarian crisis on the border, fighting between ISIL and Kurdish Peshmerga around Kobani has seen artillery ordnance fall on the Turkish side of the border.

Turkish tanks have taken up positions facing Syria after mortar rounds fell on Turkish territory, injuring three civilians on Sunday.

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