Turkey extends helping hand to Pacific

Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency reaches 5th continent with its development assistance to Republic of Vanuatu

Turkey extends helping hand to Pacific

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Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) has reached fifth continent with its development assistance to the Republic of Vanuatu, an island state in the South Pacific.      

Deputy Head of TIKA, Harun Tuncer, told the AA that TIKA aimed to reach all the least developed countries, adding that Turkey's development assistance in 2012 had been $2.3 billion.      

"One one hand TIKA is cooperating with Latin America on the other hand it has reached the Pacific islands in the very east. TIKA's activities have covered five continents. We are carrying out projects on a very wide geography and taking Turkey's assistance, fund of knowledge and development experiences to these geographies," said Tuncer.      

Tuncer said TIKA fulfilled projects worth more than $300 million for the least developed countries in 2012." Our aim is to reach all 48 least developed countries producing projects and activities," added Tuncer.      

"TIKA has carried out an important project in the Republic of Vanuatu. We provided educational materials and technical equipment that are needed by schools and students. There is almost nowhere in the world which TIKA has not reached," Tuncer said. "Other developed countries seem to spend lots of money on development assistance. However only fifty percent of the assistance or money reach those countries in need. There are several countries which want to cooperate with TIKA and some just subsidize while TIKA carries out demand-oriented projects. Our goal is to make sure that those countries can stay on their own feet."      

Tuncer said development cooperation activities were the soft power of a country's foreign policy and power instruments, adding that TIKA supported Turkey's visions with such activities.      

"Island states are small countries but they have the same votes as the developed countries at international platforms. They will support Turkey's candidacy for a non-permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council for 2015-2016 as well as its candidacy to host EXPO 2020," said Tuncer.      

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