Turkey president defends intelligence chief

"MIT (National Intelligence Agency) and its chief undertake the missions assigned to them in the best manner possible," Gul said.

Turkey president defends intelligence chief

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Turkey’s president Abdullah Gul has joined prime minister Recep Tayyip Ergodan in standing up for Turkey’s intelligence gathering agency MIT, following widespread criticism this week.

MIT chief Hakan Fidan was accused of sharing intel with Iran regarding the identity of Iranians secretly working with Israel’s Mossad in an article published in the Washington Post last week.

Gul said: ‘MIT and its staff are working for the national interests of Turkey. There may be some who are uncomfortable with what MIT is doing, However, Turkey’s national interest is our first priority.’

"Turkey's independent policies and their implementation, and Turkey's interests, come before anything else. So what is being written abroad (on Fidan) is not that important for us."

His comments come after the Turkish PM Recep Tappiy Erdogan also offered words of support for Fidan yesterday, saying ‘There are those both on the inside and the outside who are not pleased with our National Intelligence Organization’s undersecretary. Forgive us, but we will forever stand by our bureaucrats and technocrats with whom we are pleased.’

International media outlets have accused Fidan of revealing to Iran some of the intelligence information which Israel shares with Turkey. Turkey denies the allegations, while Israel says it is not the source of claims and criticism against Fidan.

Asked about the missile defense contract Turkey granted to China, Gul said, "If the deal is reached, the missiles, their integration, everything has been settled. These are technical issues."

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