Turkey's population not to see 100 mln

The population of Turkey is expected to be 84,247,088 in 2023 and half of the population of Turkey will be over 34 years old the same year.

Turkey's population not to see 100 mln

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Turkey, which currently has the world's 18th largest population, is expected to fall to 20th place by 2050, according to a report on Turkey's demographic structure and its future released by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat).

The report, which was released on Thursday, predicts that Turkey's population will reach 84.2 million by 2023 and 93.4 million by 2050 and will decline to 89 million by 2075. It is also expected that Turkey will fall to 20th place among the most populated countries by 2050 and to 24th place by 2075. The figures indicate that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's advice to couples to have at least three children has merit.

Earlier last month, Erdoğan repeated his advice, saying the West is having trouble as its fertility rate is steadily decreasing and Turkey has to achieve a ratio of three children per family to avoid facing the problems that the Western world has.

The TurkStat data also show that by 2023, half of the population will be over 34 years of age and by 2075, the elderly population will constitute 27.7 percent of the entire population.

The report also includes data about the population rates of the provinces. Accordingly, İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Bursa will maintain their places as the country's four most populated provinces, while Antalya, which currently ranks the fifth, will be replaced by Adana province by 2023.

İstanbul, which currently has Turkey's largest population with 13,624,240 people, is expected to reach 16.6 million in 10 years' time.

The report also indicated that Turkey's aging population will keep rising in the next 10 years. The percentage of people over 65 years of age is estimated to move up to 10.2, compared 7.5 percent in 2012.

It is also expected that Sinop province will have the highest percentage of elderly people by 2023, while Şanlıurfa will have the greatest number of young people by the same year.

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