Turkish 'angel' on errand of mercy in Jarabulus

Sibel Ozturk braves the horrors of war, racing against time to save lives in northern Syria

Turkish 'angel' on errand of mercy in Jarabulus

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A Turkish emergency medical technician (EMT) known locally as the "first aid angel" of Jarablus, Syria races daily against time to save lives, braving the horrors of war to help Syrians in medical need.

For two weeks Sibel Ozturk, 30, has been working in Jarablus. Though this northern Syrian city was recently rid of the ISIL terrorist group by Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield, clashes continue in surrounding areas, and the wounded are brought to Jarabulus for treatment.

Ozturk, who also volunteers on the Turkish National Medical Rescue Team, spends most of her time at the hospital and on the road. Ozturk pushes the speed limit to rush injured people to a hospital in Jarabulus set up with Turkey’s support.

Ozturk told Anadolu Agency that before Jarabulus, she worked at an emergency call center in the southeastern Gaziantep province. At first, Ozturk said, she was anxious about her work, but added, "Now I’ve gotten used to living in this area and do my job with love."

"When I first got here and set foot on the streets of Jarabulus, I was worried. But now I can easily drive an ambulance and do my job."

The work is hard, said Ozturk. "Our mission is to save lives, and so we work deliberately to do our job whatever the conditions."

Ozturk said she sees difficult sights every day. "It was difficult for me in the beginning to see dismembered arms and legs, the tears of children who lost their fathers, but we shouldn’t let our emotions get in the way of doing our jobs."

"I can also drive an ambulance if needed, as I have advanced driving skills training. Our jobs skills help us control our feelings and work quickly," said Ozturk, adding that although she is working in a war-torn region, she feels safe.

Operation Euphrates Shield, which began on Aug. 24 backed by the Turkish Armed Forces, is aimed at bolstering border security, supporting coalition forces, and eliminating the threat posed by terrorist organizations, especially ISIL.


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