Turkish court defines Ergenekon as 'Turkish Gladio'

Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court saidit has completed 16,600-page summary of Ergenekon case.

Turkish court defines Ergenekon as 'Turkish Gladio'

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The Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court announced that it has finalized the 16,600-page summary of the Ergenekon coup attempt case, which investigated an alleged network of hardline nationalists formed to topple Turkey’s incumbent government.

It took 12 days for the court to complete the summary of the ruling it had made on August 5, 2013.

The summary, which was then uploaded to the National Judiciary Informatics System (UYAP), stated that Ergenekon was a terrorist organization that targeted the current Turkish government led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul, as well as a former government led by the late Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit.

The report claims that Ergenekon was the name given to the Turkish Gladio. Gladio cells were established throughout Europe and Turkey by the CIA as a precaution against the spread of communism during the Soviet era but soon developed a will of their own after the Soviet Union collapsed.

It is understood that they had infiltrated the Turkish Armed Forces and sought to topple elected governments as well as clampdown on the activities of non-governmental organizations. It is also stated that some suspected members were involved in previous attempts to ban Turkey's ruling AK Party.

Furthermore, members participated in the preparation of crackdowns on minortiy, congregation and Alevi Muslim figureheads.

While it claimed that some cells could not be reached, the report called for investigations to continue.

Meanwhile, the former General Chief of Staff, Ilker Basbug, who was released last month after being sentenced in August 2013, was deemed not to be a terrorist but guilty of an act of terror and establishing websites to spread smear campaigns. Basbug was also found to play a leading role in the Ergenekon hierarchy.

In March, courts in Istanbul released some of the detainees from the large-scale trial on the alleged "Ergenekon" organization, including retired former general Veli Kucuk, who was accused of being among the senior figures within the organization.

Forty-five people, among them military officers and journalists, were released due to a new law that brought the maximum detention period down to five years from ten.

The Ergenekon case was filed six years ago against 275 people, including military officers, politicians and journalists, over an apparent conspiracy to overthrow the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party government.

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