Turkish PM Erdogan accuses TUSIAD of 'betrayal'

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Turkey's top business association TUSIAD of betraying the government.

Turkish PM Erdogan accuses TUSIAD of 'betrayal'

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has slammed TUSIAD, an influential union of businessmen and firms in the country, for supposedly threatening the Turkish market.

In light of efforts to reform the Turkish judicial body HSYK following the arrest of dozens of ruling AK Party affiliates, bureaucrats and former ministers’ sons on bribery and corruption charges, TUSIAD claimed that the current situation may put foreign investors off.

Erdogan brushed off these comments, saying that when he took over his duties as Prime Minister in the Republic’s 79th year, Turkey had until then only raised $15 billion in foreign investments. However, in the 11 years that he has been in power, Turkey has drawn in $120 billion worth of investments, he said.

The Turkish Prime Minister said that the comments from TUSIAD’s chairman were in this context a ‘betrayal’ and that the organization had never been genuine. He also complained that TUSIAD representatives had not approached the government to discuss their concerns before making the statement.

Erdogan said that the statement by TUSIAD, which is generally affiliated with the Turkish opposition, is in fact an attempt to intimidate the AK Party government. Regarding this, Erdogan said, ‘We did not come to power because of TUSIAD, we came to power despite TUSIAD.’

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