Turkish police arrest 'Slingshot Aunty' in Gezi protests

Turkish police have revealed that the famous ‘Slingshot Aunty’ was arrested during a raid against drug gangs in Istanbul.

Turkish police arrest 'Slingshot Aunty' in Gezi protests

World Bulletin / News Desk

The ‘Slingshot Aunty’, who rose to fame during the Gezi Park riots in Istanbul after being photographed shooting rocks at the Turkish police using a slingshot, has been arrested after a police raid.

The police raid, which took place in Istanbul’s Maltepe district, targeted drug gangs believed to be working for the far-left militant organization DHKP-C. The group had earlier been seen wearing masks and carrying AK47s as attended the funeral of Hasan Ferit Gedik, who died during another raid after the group had been in a gun battle with the police. In the dawn raid, as many as 40 people were arrested.

53-year-old Emine Cansever, who had been photographed slinging rocks at the police during the Gezi Park riots, was also arrested during the raid.

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